usa: a devil in the charts.

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    A little captivating , mostly US centred charting , (you will need to cut and paste into IE6 ), the $USD particularly is "interesting":

    Nasdaq technicals:

    S+P Bullish percent momenta:

    Chip related:
    Retail area:

    US dollar:
    Gold related:

    I note historically that there have frequently been mini-sell offs, between the significant capitulations over the last six years. I suspect bullishness takes a natural breather at roughly this natural frequency, perhaps for fractal reasons.$indu,uu[d,a]daclyyay[d19970626,20030126][pf][vc60][i]&pref=G

    Gold, also I believe would have been rising against the US dollar, but more cautiously, and represented here charted by $GOLD , would probably have retested it's 39 week EMA before reaching these levels. Stress may well force some dizzy Wave 5 extensions.$GOLD,uu[d,a]waclyyay[d20010325,20030126][pc39!f][vc60][i]&pref=G

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