us thanks australia - with nuclear waste

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    Such a perfect place to store the West's nuclear waste - just a submissive, uninhabited little wasteland in the South Pacific.

    The Federal Opposition has called for the final submission on the proposed nuclear waste dump at Woomera to be made public.

    The submission was accepted by the Government on Christmas Eve, giving Environment Minister David Kemp until March 24 to announce his decision.

    Shadow Environment Minister Kelvin Thompson says concerns raised by the Defence Department and other parties mean the Government's formal assessment of the project's environmental impact statement should be released.

    Mr Thompson says the Government has been too secretive.

    "The Defence Department concerns about the proposed dump site have not been made public. We know that the Australian Space Research Institute is concerned about this site; they've called it dangerous and illogical," Mr Thompson said.

    "So given these things, we need to have the assessment made public. The public is entitled to know the precise nature of these concerns."
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