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US oil and gas

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    we roughly have a $220 million market cap with reserves if I am not mistaken of over
    900 million ( let us cut that in half because of oil price- so now we have $450 million in
    resereves and a market cap of only 220 million.
    With the AU dollar at only .77 yielding a US value of only .43 it is very lopsided on a value
    angle. Hard to believe, but I see it all the time that the AU investors are always taking
    profits even it is only a few cents.
    The oil rally can continue with a combo of events:
    1. inventory numbers that come out show a drop instead of another huge record.
    2. US dollar continues to weaken
    3. rig count continues to decline
    4. shorts start covering
    5. investors decide to go long
    6. continued unrest in the middle east
    So I ask my fellow investors why are you selling for only a few cents?
    another fav penny oil caza.l or cazff-- should rebound tomorrow from the .10 level
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