us natural gas estimates on injection

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    Per Roby825

    Gas flows for last week were consistent with an injection of 108 BCF, which would be neutral against both the baseline (110 BCF injection on 51 degree-days) and the more-important backshifted baseline (110 BCF injection), though underlying fundamentals continue to look bearish.

    Flows suggested 64% of operators increased injections over the previous week, 32% decreased injections, and 4% maintained the previous weeks activity. Flows also suggested 96% had net injections for the week, 2% had net withdrawals, and 2% were nearly unchanged.

    NEXT WEEKS EIA REPORT: No break in sight yet. Gas flows suggest 40 BCF injected thus far (through Monday evening), puting us on track for a 115-120 BCF build in next weeks EIA report. On NOAA's 52 degree-day forcast, both baseline and backshifted baseline would be a build of 108 BCF.

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