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    The GOP who dont care about democracy????????

    So :
    • Who denigrated the SCOTUS
    • Who called for the elimination of the Court
    • Who wants to pack the Court
    • Who wants to get rid of the Electoral College
    • Who violated the C quite a few times since '20
    • Who has made a mockery of free speech
    • Who is trying to infringe on the 2A
    • Who declared parents domestic terrorists for speaking out at PTA meetings
    • Who wants DC as a state as well as PR to gain 4 Dem voting Senators
    • Who thinks and then acts to ensure voter ID is not the norm
    • Who is suing Executive powers to negate the balance of power
    • Who has politicized the DoJ
    • Who politicized the FBI
    • Who supported Big Tech to suppress news stories in election leadup
    • Who tried to depose a duly elected POTUS
    • Who supported and funded BLM and Antifa in riots in '20

    I could go on...............
    Hint...not the GOP
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