us losing the war in iraq

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    The harder the US try the more lives they lose, I was reading the other day, that there is no let up with the insurgents and there relentless attacks, in fact the situation is getting worse over there for the US and there allies, they seem to be recruiting more and more people as the days go on. The US also forgets to realize that the war is not just in Iraq but world wide, that would be supported buy the fact Osama Bin laden right hand man released a video weeks back, saying no damage has been done to the terrorist network, in fact it is only strengthens there cause. I think even if the US stay in Iraq for years to come, the war on terrorism is far from over, as the days weeks progress the situation will only get worse, I would of thought buy now the situation would be getting better in Iraq buy now, but it is getting worse, what will happen with America decided it can hot handle to many more soldier deaths, they will have to pull out eventually, but the situation will be the same, the world was a safer place when sadden Hussein was in power, even some of the US officials are now starting to think that
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