us-haters - what about this....?

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    To all you foaming-at-the-mouth brigade and the few rational but concerned persons re the role of the US in the new world order:

    Re Liberia...........

    The UN's actions to date: zip, nada, nothing, bubkis, sfa!

    U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged


    and West African states to commit troops.

    "I think we(??????????????) can really salvage the situation if troops were to be deployed urgently and promptly," he said.

    Now....what about all the rest of the UN member nations????

    no....let the US do it

    Let the US pay for it?

    So tell me again what is the role of the UN andif its OK fro Washington to act when Kofi sees fit why not at other times?

    and I like this bit.....

    "Enraged Liberians dragged bodies from the residential compound and lined them up in front of the embassy, next to a wall emblazoned with the American seal. The group demanded to know why Washington has not sent troops to end more than a decade of strife in the West African nation."

    Note - the question they ask is not why hasnt the UN done anything - the people know how useless it is - but rather they ask Washington - the hated, detested, imperialistic, war-mongering, take-over-the-world merchants.

    Now...why do you suppose that is?

    Georgie-girl - whats your hate-laced spin on this?

    Should be good............

    By the way.................notice foolgit and bow wooow are conspicuously absent
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