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us growth fund deal finalised great news

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    great news. the kodiak deal is now formally finalised and the terms changed to a drawdown deal which is excellent news for Mikoh.
    money will come only when and if they need it and hopefully at a significantly higher price.
    yet another great deal negoited by mr sealy it seems.
    Since the beginning of this calander the many positive announcements and deals Mikoh have negoited have been giant steps forward.
    the only thing that hasnt gone forward is the share price however it seems most are still judging Mikoh on its past and not its future.
    with major recent on market director buying, all directors supporting the recent spp the management and board is giving us all a strong lead.
    with Mal Frazer Clay recently joining the registrar in a big way, kodiaks new drawdown deal plus the new kollokorn deal and major revenue earning Thia EVR deal moving ahead plus the heads of agreement in Malaysia surely Mikoh is in the best shape it has been in in its history.
    the only shame is that more people are not aware of this hence the disappoiting and hugely undervalued share price in my opinion. i feel its a great opportunity for someone to build a significant stack whilst the share price is at its lowest price in its history cause it wont stay here for ever and the opportunity will be gone. just my opinion though
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