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us geological survey comments on rau

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    U.S. Geological Survey carries out research on a variety of metals because they have substabtial economic and defence implications for the USA. Their comments on the Mt Carbine tungsten mine summarized (1) these types of deposits can run into hundreds of millions of tonnes of low grade ore (2) Mt Carbine produced 16,694 tonnes of 68.8% tungsten concentrates or the equivalent of 1,148,547 MTU's valued at current prices at US$287,136,800 (2) last year of production was 1,646 tonnes of concentrates or 164,600 MTU's with current US dollar value of US$41,150,0000 (3) Current resource is 13,000,000 tonnes @ .1% WO3 equivalent of 13,000,000 MTU's with a richer core of 8,400 tonnes @ .12%.

    U can do the A$ conversion. IF u throw in the potential of the nearby Anomaly B and other nearby (potential) new finds We are worth substantially more than A$12,000,000 in any type od development scenario.
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