us foreign policy at work!

  1. Yak
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    If this happens...fantastic!!!

    And........ if you believe this would have happened any other're daft.("Hello.... hello...did some one mention my name??" - foolguy and miles, 2003)

    The difference between this and say SH in Iraq was he refused to be "persuaded" by the force that was lined up against him or by the UN sanctions.

    If this does will be interesting to see how the lunatics spin it....

    N Korea 'may scrap nuclear plans'

    The North Korean regime maintains a huge army
    North Korea has said it is ready to abandon its nuclear programme if the United States drops its "hostile policy" towards the communist state.

    Pyongyang agreed last month to return to negotiations on its nuclear plans.

    An official spokesman said North Korea was "willing to realistically abandon nuclear development at the phase when the US hostile policy ... is removed".
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