us dollar - let's keep on printing

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    Of course we should prefer the US dollar to gold?

    After all the US printing pressess have been very busy churning out the dollars that are backed by??? Who cares what they are backed by! They're US dollars - the ultimate store of wealth. Uncle Sam says so - that's good enough for us.

    Why should we want gold? Isn't it just a useless, yellow metal?

    Never mind a fed rate of 1%, 2%, 3% or whatever. The US NEEDS others to help finance their shaky, ever increasing deficits.

    Of course we expect the Chinese and Japanese to come to the party forever and to lose money forever buying worthless US paper so US citizens can continue to live beyond their means.

    Doesn't that seem to be a rather patronising view?

    As Asian nations trade more and more with each other Asia will realise it doesn't need the US nor does it need worthless US paper. When they start pulling their money out of the US just see how the US party will stop.

    But we all want US dollars don't we? Who wants gold?
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