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us dollar and gold

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    The US$ spike which is unprecedented in its entire history as the global currency will come to an end when the hedge funds and carry trade positions have been unwound in the face of the ensuing market crash. This event has been correctly called "the mother of all short squeezes". The HUI looks in bear market mode but is heavily oversold. When the dollars amazing bear market rally ends it will do so suddenly and the emperors cloak will fall off revealing a horribly dishevelled wreck underneath and the dollar will tank at a far faster rate than it spiked. So, what do you suppose will happen to gold and the HUI then? Maybe holding LGL at todays pitiful price isn't such a bad idea. However, its worth bearing in mind that a further general market crash could take all stocks even further down. Remember the main crash may not yet have occurred and may commence this week.
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