US clean transportation future unveiled.

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    On the vehicle manufacturing front, the researchers also underscore the importance of strong policy support to allow QYgrowth for the EV snowball already gathering speed.r“The DRIVE Clean scenario would require annual US light-duty EV sales to grow from 326,000 to 14.6 million between 2019 and 2030. Assuming the United States continues to manufacture 70% of light-duty EVs sold domestically, in 2030 it would need to manufacture at least 10.2 million light-duty EVs, plus any EVs that are exported for sale,” the document reads.As an example of the rapid expansion of EV manufacturing capacity, the study mentions Tesla’s purchase of a closed vehicle manufacturing plant in California in 2010, how the company was able to produce its first vehicle two years later and how just a decade later, it produced 500,000 EVs with 10,000 employees. QUOTE.
    Dramatic demand growth for lithium graphite & cobalt supply IMO.
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