us casualties, 1275 dead, 9765 wounded

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    An election that provides a so-called legitimate Iraqi government that can defend itself is a prerequisite for US President George W Bush to declare the invasion a success and bring troops home.

    In order to protect the voting, he is boosting US troop numbers by about 10 per cent to 150,000.

    The unidentified soldier killed on Tuesday was on patrol in Baghdad when guerrillas opened fire with rifles.

    Earlier in the day, the Pentagon had issued a revised combat casualty toll of 999 and the death thus took the toll since the invasion on March 20 last year to 1,000.

    A further 275 US troops have died in accidents or other incidents not classified as being killed in action.

    A total of 9,765 US troops have been wounded.

    No official figures are available for the numbers of Iraqi dead.

    Estimates have ranged from some 14,000 to tens of thousands of civilians and around 5,000 troops in the war.


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