us$/a$ gold/oil

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    IMHO we are now into a basing phase for the US$ couple that with an extremely strong A$, a new break out on the A$ can send it up to the middle 80's cents. This is toxic for Aussie golds beware the Ides of March.

    The bear attack on the US$ IMHO was a set-up and politically motivated by Soros?? who was actively quoted in local press and other perma-bears i.e. Korean sell the dollar news. They are perma-bears on the US$ and have a visceral dislike for Bush. At the end of this attack we have a Yen and Euro that looks very toppy. Gold will probably trade sideways now (in face of a stronger dollar) and oil is in the hands of the speculators. I still think it is very overvalued.
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