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url would do well to fall to generous cuo bid .s

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    Interesting Comments by CUO , Facts not 'would be comment, if they could be ' . Make ones own mind up about the quality of the URL management, look at the November 2004 issue and the price .No alternative bidder has arrived in 2 months.URL, no guidance to it's shareholders as to value of URL shares and no independent value of URL shares .URL shareholders put at risk of a fall in their share price if the bid fails . I have posted on this before only to have super bulls breathe out voluminous amounts of hot air.
    Commen sense and facts are what is required . Have a look at the Poor results from OXR , another company full of exuberant bulls , although they are not as exuberant as they were . See the poor results from OXR in the Age newspaper today. I also posted on this company months ago and out came another load of over exuberant Bulls. What a mess . Where is all the common sense ?

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Currently unlisted public company.

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