Urgent Changes

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    Hi HC Coders

    If I may suggest some urgent changes, which dont seem to have shown themselves yet since we started here on the new look

    1. Pagination.
      Currently there are close on 6000 posts in "ASX-By Stock". I would hazard a guess that hardly anyone is using the left NAV options, as they are effectively inoperable. Currently it is approx 3:00am AEST, and when clicking on the left "ASX By Stock" it takes over a minute for the "list" to be displayed. And what a list. Every "root" post since we started here.
      All that is required is to mimic the code you already have on the "Latest Posts" and allow some pagination to occur.
      By doing this you are going reduce load on your server "significantly". Can you image what load there is on your SQL Server and IIS Server if everyone member was to click on the left NAV for ASX By Stock at the same time. You would get script timeouts. Sound familiar?
      So this one isn't a cosmetic request, rather an operational one.

    2. Thread Focusing
      Currently if you do select one of the forum views, and you do select a thread, and then you do open that thread (by clicking the plus symbol) ... it is near impossible to find the actual thread you clicked on.
      Imagibe this. You are halfway down a "huge" list, you click on your desired topic and then the page reloads with the "focus" at the top of the page. You now have to manually scroll down the page to find your thread.
      All that is required is that each thread have a simple NAME tag, <a name="100045" id="100045"></a>Thread Heading, and then add this to the HREF tag ... thus allowing a refocus. This is only one of many ways ... but something really needs to be done as it is getting to be impossible to use.

    3. Search
      Yea ... its coming ... I know.... but if you need help coding it up ... give us a tinkel. It shouldn't take very long.
      Id recommend a full text search of your SQL tables for the posting content. You will have speed to burn and many happy HC users

    4. thread viewing
      OK ... not so high on the agenda ... but it would be so handy if you could replicate the Latest Posts view in the forum view. Currently if you click on a post in "Latest POsts", you get that posting and all the others in the thread. It also places the focus on the posting you clicked on. The code is there, just replace the current form view with the exact same code.

    5. Thread Tree
      Again, not a major one .... but if a professional forum is wanted then the following is a must ... if only for credibility.
      All forums we have coded, and those we have used .... if you start along the line of having threads ... then you have threads ... and you dont just allow one level of thread posting.
      Currently we are living with it ... but it really is a bit of a pity that we cant see the thread order and really does make a mockery of the "discussion" dynamics which take place.
      This could probably be a little harder to implement as it depends a lot on your database structure.

    6. ASX Code Case
      Last one I promise. How about adding the following VBScript code to the ASX by Stock page.
      Most posters are entering their ASX codes in CAPS, which is cool. Makes it so much easier on our poor stressed minds if they were all in CAPS.
      You would then have a nice tidy uniformity to all the postings :)

    Anyway ... best of luck with the fourm.
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