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Urgent and most important

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    From my perspective we need to cleanse the Company of this Board and start afresh with a new regime which I believe can take this Company forward.

    If that is your desire also, please do the following, even IF you are attending the meeting.

    Disregard the green Proxy form which has been purposely and deceptively sent by the Directors for their own greeedy self preservation purposes ! Haven't seen that before !

    Complete the white form with crosses in the first 5 boxes voting FOR the Resolutions.

    Insert a cross in the " Against" box for Resolution 6.

    Make sure you have completed and signed the Registered name and address details near the foot of the proxy form.

    Then email your proxy to [email protected] as instructed on page 4 of the booklet .

    Also, post it in the self addressed prepaid envelope.

    I have done this even though I will be at the meeting.

    We have to do the above to ensure that all is above board and that there are no erroneous excuses made by the Directors disputing proxy accuracy.

    We need a Board of action, not one that is afraid of the weather.
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