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urgent advice needed

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    He posters,
    I am seeking urgent advice from anyone who feels informed enough (specifically about BNB) to provide any.
    This story is ridiculous but please understand!
    I am an inexperienced investor. Today I was mucking around on my commsec account with a mate and accidently bought 16,000 BNB shares at $1.24 (long story). I don't have $20,000, so clearly I have to sell them within T+3. I didn't realise the order had gone through until just now (6pm Thursday night).
    Not sure what to do. I can scrape together up to $5,000 tomorrow. Tyring to work out what to do and where to get sleeping pills so I can sleep tonight.
    Some general questions I have:

    1. Is BNB likely to be up tomorrow, if not - how down could they be (worst case scenario)?
    2. Regardless of tommorrow, should I hold off selling until monday or tuesday?

    Sorry if this is a bit wishy washy - I am not really thinking straight a the moment.
    Any help is much appreciated.
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