NEW YORK - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority on Wednesday announced plans to rollout more all-electric buses to city streets.

The expansion comes after a successful rollout in Manhattan last month.

It's part of the MTA's Fast Forward plan to modernize the transportation alternative with zero emission technology.

Last month, the agency started rolling out the first of these 15 all-electric articulated buses on the M14 route.

The buses are much larger than the standard bus and can travel about 90 miles on a single charge.

The agency says it saves 8,000 gallons of fuel per year.

Each of the buses which cost a little over $1 million and will be deployed throughout the city.

Riders who spoke with NY1 were happy to hear the news and say they're excited about the new fleet.

"Yea they're doing good things, making progress, going ahead," said one rider.

"I'd rather have an electric bus obviously, but that's a cultural change that has to come," said another rider.

By 2029 the agency plans to start buying only electric buses and by 2040, it plans to have an all-electric bus fleet.