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    The Captain would like to invite others to the Captain's table for dialogue on Uranium exploration companies worth throwing a bit of filthy lucre at.I want to avoid Uran expl companies that have more than a dual cab hilux, a laptop, a geologist and suit as their total asset base. I want a company that is super hungry for a find rather than just riding the bubble.

    The Capt. thinks the following companies listed below might be worth it. The list is not comprehensive, if it was I wouldn't feel the needto talk to others.
    NRU - Newera. -Exploration fields close to known reserves. (FYI - The Capt. has NRU shares)
    DYL - Deep Yellow. - CEO's nickname is Mr. Uranium. (FYI -No shares held by Capt.)
    BHP - Not exactly a penny dreadful but you can be exposed to the delights of the uranium bubble without the risk. BHP has had a solid run recently. (FYI - no shares held)

    Any thoughts on these or other Uran expl co. fellow seagoers.

    Captain Goodvibes
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