uranium-australia to china, and what japs think!

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    Australia, China to open negotiations on uranium supply

    Tuesday, August 9, 2005 at 10:44 JST
    SYDNEY — Australian and China have agreed to start formal negotiations on a nuclear cooperation agreement under which Australia would supply uranium to help meet China's growing energy demand, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer announced Tuesday.

    "The agreement will establish safeguards arrangements to ensure Australian uranium supplied to China is used exclusively for peaceful purposes," Downer said in a statement. (Kyodo News)
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    heh heh
    takuan (Aug 9 2005 - 21:21)

    "Professor Tom Grunfeld, a China specialist at Empire State College in New York, said: "There will be people in Washington who will be very upset about this, just as they were when the Israeli government was negotiating to sell arms to China.

    "They forced Israel to withdraw the sales, I would not be surprised if we see similar pressure being applied here."

    US State department officials have declined to criticise the deals publicly, but say in private that they will be watching carefully to ensure controls are in place."


    Australia, China to open negotiations on uranium supply
    kasumi (Aug 10 2005 - 05:58)

    Some people will do anything for money, even put their grand children’s future at risk. Australia sometimes forgets that it is almost a part of Asia & might well be high on Chinas future shopping list, after all it’s got uranium hasn’t it?
    Australia, China to open negotiations on uranium supply
    Akagami (Aug 10 2005 - 08:40)

    You Australians may want to start learning Big 5 now and avoid the rush. if you start sending cheap energy the Chinese will be back for refills next time they wont ask.
    Oh noes!
    Yonan (Aug 10 2005 - 10:03)

    All irrelevant. More likely that helping them solve energy needs will prevent them NEEDing to secure it through force.

    Any aggression against 'the west' will result in China's downfall, or the world's annihilation.
    OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!
    zdaydream (Aug 10 2005 - 11:02)

    Can you imagine this? Australia and China in a uranium deal. I can see George Bush will be setting up a military defense team to start war plans very soon.

    Now that's only correct and equal action. He has set a president on this type of action. Hell, he only lied to start his war with Iraq. Australia and China are actually openly discussing a uranium deal.

    Now all you wingnuts should have been out here touting George Bush's war record of victories and Missions Accomplished.
    Alan <:-)

    Australia, China to open negotiations on uranium supply
    SunYatSen (Aug 10 2005 - 14:06)

    I don't think there's any harm to it. The nuclear fission is an old technology and most country knows the mechanic of nuclear fissions since the soviet acquired it from those two traitors rosenberg. sheesh.

    Australia, China to open negotiations on uranium supply
    SunYatSen (Aug 10 2005 - 14:25)

    If China can't produce its own plutonium or Uranium do they have capabilities to challenge the U.S. militarily? U.S. national security may have their concern about PRC nuclear technology and they sure have little to concern in regards to PRC primitive technology given that PRC nuclear technology is more primitive than russia. Furthermore the PRC is buying SU-37 and SU-25 from Russia. Plus they are looking for European technology. Is just a pity the PRC brag about nuclear technology to all the press. Yet they can't produce primitive elements like Uranium for themselves. Lol.

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    wrxsti comment :-Sounds like a bit of jealousy, if you ask me! Or could it be nervous tension? Even paranoia maybe?

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