uranium and the new correctness

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    monsieur fait accompli and professor coffers graced the card
    to con and pro the to and fro of yellowcake to whose back yard
    we have to get the dosh before the wind will lash the sale! dear sirs!
    an interjection from the back from in between the his and hers:
    consequences means just this... that what entails, occurs!

    they turned around and howled him down and coffers blurts in haste
    if their want is strong enough why we can make them take the waste
    this was new
    they scratched their chins
    and with those thoughts were interlaced:
    we must learn to get a taste for every buck before we’re raced

    they all looked round at skinny mick between the squaws and braves
    expecting condescension that would nullify his raves:
    when all the peasants crowd into
    those bedsits in the smog
    you could lay the waste in paddy fields
    and just like lime
    dry the bog

    but since the fields of rice and yields shall glow in this debate
    hands up who sees no future, said skinny, for that state
    and monsieur fait accompli from the microphone: gendame!
    mick was so disorderly we shall have to do him harm

    continuing in silence for no-one else would speak
    monsieur said:I remind you how warming is so bleak
    this is not just rational from the point of view of price
    it is radiant
    and glowing
    and the air will be so very nice

    so the meeting was concluded and they left to beat their drum
    but none forgot that cove between le homme door et la femme
    a few of them had second thoughts but knew precisely who had won
    so most agreed
    to toe
    and spin
    the line that new correctness spun

    and cliches gathered deftly
    from palm island down to perth
    as ready ammunition
    for the arsenal’s large girth
    that aims at lone dissenters
    to stigmatise their worth
    yet your small oldfashioned voice for sanity stands
    for future
    for the earth

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