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    Faarkin Labour governments all they do is try to wreck the economy and give money to all the bludging minority groups.

    AAP News
    14:25:020 22/11/2005
    PERTH, Nov 22 AAP - Western Australia would be stupid to prevent
    uranium mining and exports on ideological grounds, federal
    Treasurer Peter Costello says.
    The WA Labor government has consistently refused to change laws
    banning uranium mining in the state, and federal Labor's policy is
    for no new uranium mines.
    Mr Costello today said he felt federal Labor was beginning to
    change its stance on the issue, and if that occurred, WA may be
    brought into line.
    "I believe that nuclear power will become more and more used
    around the world," the treasurer told Southern Cross radio in
    "This is great news for Australia because we've got the
    "What is stupid is if we had all of these reserves and all of
    these markets and for ideology people said `we're not allowed to
    sell it to them'.
    "Stupid stuff, particularly in a mining state like Western
    Mr Costello said he could not understand the WA government's
    approach to uranium - especially considering Australia only
    exported uranium subject to stringent safeguards.
    "If Britain or anyone else were to say that they'd take more of
    our product, why wouldn't we sell it to them?" he asked.
    "We're at the moment selling to countries like Japan, France,
    the Chinese are showing that they're interested, and I just can't
    understand why you would say we've got the stuff, we're already
    exporting it, (but) you're only allowed to export it from Roxby

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