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uran and abba revival renews production hopes

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    Hi Folks

    Yes its true! Production will begin July 2007... of a new album that is!

    While in the CIS they fell down a mine shaft and found Freda and Agnetha covered in cobwebs and glowing in the dark!

    Since no deal was made, they've decided to hit the road and will be singing some of their old favs revamped!
    Hers a few!

    Urando. There was something in the air that night (hot air...most probably methane gas) the stars were bright Urando!

    Knowing me knowing you...theres is not a deal we can do (this is a sing in from the whole Uran board) !

    Rock me...give me that kick now (MD bending over as we speak)
    Take positions please those with largest pebbles throw first :)

    Ring Ring why dont you give me call....for all those shareholders who dont get replies to emails :)

    Some notables in the company are playing air guitar, and one particular high profile member is alleged to be playing the 'organ'...like all the time!

    But wait there is more!

    To celebrate a further fall of 10% + this week the company is also giving you the opportunity to see other great songs performed!

    Split Enz 6 months in a leaky boat (boy can i relate to that one;)

    Satori does 'What about me...it isnt fair, ive had enough now I want my shares'!

    Zed sings Bocelli's 'Time to say Goodbye' and does a special rendition of Bon Jovis You give miners a bad name and Alice Coopers 'Feed my crappin mine'
    And Van Halens 'Jump' (while you can)

    Cotik sings Queens 'I want it all'

    MK and Junior sing Queens 'I want to break free' (after we offload all our shares of course)

    The chairman sings...ummm..he's doing an instrumental as his voice has not been verified or heard as yet!

    The MD sings Kiss' big hit 'Sure know something (and I aint telling na na na na naaahh!)

    SP3 sings Totos great hit Roznana! (he will be doing his nana about now i'd think...unless that higher volume today was his!)

    Drillfix does the Beatles 'Get Back' (in his hope to get his operation;)

    Archer naturally does 'Shoot that poison arrow' (guess where thats headed;)

    Squid does We're the Squids in America by Kim Wilde

    And all the shareholders do a live aid concert to try to get their $ back!

    The company has also decided to move into TV.

    Kate does the gameshows:

    Who wants to be a millionaire (I already am one suckers...and I can feel another option package coming on...and another holiday..er trip..er business meeting negotiation thingy..er mine..producing in 2007 err..no child will be living in the Rozna mine by the end of 2008 because children dont live in mines anyway..umm...?)

    Deal or no deal (you guessed it..NO DEAL! :)

    The Weakest Link (You are the weakest link... goodbye!...and we just know who that was directed at eh folks;)

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