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    re: urrrrrrr........ to t4p and the rest of u "Anyway you never learn your lesson except in your losses (especially the bigs ones), and I hope I have learn enough! Well I am still young anyway (I think) so I have plenty of time to make big lol"

    You are not alone there.
    You may have seen those mid-week investor/wealth lift-outs in the newspapers.
    There is always an interview with a featured guest, some of them big-shot finance prefessionals.
    A standard question is: "what was your first investment?".
    Surprisingly, most of them answer "I lost lots of money on a tip from a friend/brother in law/haidresser in the 87 crash/biotech bubble/dotcom bubble etc".
    Nevertheless, they went on to succeed through work, business, investment.
    They learned to do things the way they were meant to be done.
    And dabbling in no-hoper speccies, which have the profit expectation of a lottery ticket, is definetely not the way things were meant to be done.

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