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upgrade potential...

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    Upgrade potential…

    It has been mentioned that at the Barker-Creek / Mississippian levels, there is a satellite structure to the North West, within the lease, that clearly has been upgraded now.

    Perhaps not mentioned however, there appears to be a dome trap (similar to the main well location) for the Top of the Paradox formation. Gas (or oil here) would indicate the likelihood of similar intersections in the previously drilled Onion Creek (Arco) well to the South East…and then even further away to the Exxon and Mobil Oil shows further to the South East, might be part of the same accumulation?

    I have previously discussed the log results from the Onion Creek well, and readings that correspond with the GDN Upper Ismay intervals…well, a similar check of the more distant Onion Creek (Exxon) and Federal #1 (Mobil) wells has shown similar readings at similar levels (proportionally offset slightly)

    Is it possible that all these wells have picked up the outer flanks of a considerable accumulation?

    Interestingly, the previously drilled Onion Creek (Arco) well lies in the middle of such an accumulation, assuming one exists of course…as such, the fact the well only showed non-commercial shows at the relevant interval is perhaps puzzling?

    The Seismic does suggest geologic interest at the Onion Creek well location at this horizon however, so it may well be that the hole was non-commercial, not due to lack of hydrocarbons, but simply due to structural or geological conditions?

    They were chasing different targets…namely the elusive deeper accumulations.

    I am just thinking out loud here, but if my synopsis were to be proven, the extended mapped closure could be massive at some 21km x 8km.

    Lol…would make for a pretty good announcement?

    Oh…found this nice little quote…

    “While there are several smaller fields in the Paradox Basin, the Golden Eagle Prospect is the only known target with similar structural components and size to the giant Lisbon Field, 65 km to the south, which has produced over 50 million barrels of light oil and 760 BCF of gas from Mississippian reservoirs.”

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