GDN 0.00% 1.7¢ golden state resources limited

Ive had a stake in GDN for all 3 wellsPB 1 went to 1.26 on hype...

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    Ive had a stake in GDN for all 3 wells
    PB 1 went to 1.26 on hype and back to .04
    PB 2 much the same .04 to 25 then back to .04 or less
    PB 3 with a faultless drill sorry it wasnt faultless a tooth broke of the drillbit, has gone no were except down
    now, ask yourself why
    call me crazy but when you take those rose coloured
    glasses off it does look a little dark
    i have a large stake in heads and oppies
    so i am hoping and praying that im wrong and you guys
    are right i will sit and wait
    another long breath
    if i can hold my breath for 5 minutes i could become a
    merman now theres an investment
    right im off to see my shrink
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