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    Production testing of the Phase II wells began on November 3rd. The
    three development wells WB-N4, WB-NS and WB-N6, were first tested
    under natural flow conditions without artificial lift. To date only
    the F-Sandstone reservoir has been tested. The purpose of the natural
    flow test was to establish indicative well deliverability for design
    and installation of the appropriate production facilities and the
    chosen artificial lift method, jet pumping.

    Over the past two weeks the Operator has been constructing surface
    facilities while intermittently flow testing the WB-N4 and WE-N6
    wells. Installation of equipment such as flanges, high pressure pipe
    work, circulating pumps, tanks, heater treaters, meters, venturi
    nozzles for the jet pumps, etc has limited production testing
    duration. This is part of the overall and ongoing program to bring
    the Phase II wells on production in such a way that they achieve the
    potential evidenced by the reservoirs in the three new wells.

    Testing of the jet pumping equipment commenced on 18 November at
    WB-N6 and the first stage of the testing was completed on 21 November
    when WB-N4 jet pump testing commenced. Optimisation of production
    equipment and facilities will continue through the test period
    primarily aimed at achieving the best throat/nozzle configuration for
    each of the jet pumps.

    The Operator's engineers have made following observations based on
    the testing to date:

    * The wells are cleaning-up and production rates continue to improve.

    * Pressure data retrieved from gauges in WB-N4 indicates that the
    well has the original reservoir pressure consistent with the rest of
    the oil field. This provides confirmation of the continuity of the
    oil accumulation from the wells in south including WB-1 and WB-Al to
    these Phase II wells in the north.

    * WB-N4 pressure gauge data also shows a rapid pressure build-up
    after flow tests and indicates an absence of any near well-bore
    damage, ie, a negligible skin factor. These observations are
    suggestive of high well deliverability.

    The objective of the forward Test Program is to obtain a consistent
    and reliable indication of the combined deliverability of the Phase
    II wells as a predictor of long term production potential. The test
    program may change in response to operational results but as it is
    presently scheduled, operations over the coming week are:

    * Stop jet pump test on WB-N6 and commence jet pumping WB-N4 with oil
    as a power fluid;

    * Commence, wireline operations on WB-N6, retrieve the jet pump and
    change out throat/nozzle configuration. New jet-pump and gauges will
    then be re-run;

    * Stop jet pumping WB-N4, retrieve pump and commence pumping WB-N6
    with new jet pump throat/nozzle configuration and pressure gauges.

    * Stop jet pumping WB-N6, shut-in for build-up testing and commence
    pumping WB-N4 with newjet pump throat/nozzle configuration; and

    * Continue pumping WB-N4 and commence pumping WB-N6.

    It is anticipated that a press release will be made on testing
    results and well deliverability by late next week.
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