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update on chinguetti 4-5 well in mauritania wireli

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    ROC OIL COMPANY LIMITED (“ROC”) RELEASE TO AUSTRALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE (“ASX”) UPDATE ON CHINGUETTI 4-5 WELL IN MAURITANIA Wireline logging, at a Total Depth of 2,605 metres, of the Chinguetti 4-5 appraisal/early development well has essentially confirmed the pre-drill expectation for this well in terms of the thickness, quality and hydrocarbon content of the reservoir. As a result, the Joint Venture plans to conduct a production test. In this well the reservoir sands appear to be of generally good to excellent quality with a gross oil column in the order of at least 50 metres and a net to gross ratio in excess of 50%. The Joint Venture is comprised of: Participant Equity Woodside Mauritania Pty Ltd (Operator) 35.0% AGIP Mauritania BV 35.0% Hardman Resources Ltd 21.6% Fusion Mauritania B Ltd 6.0% Roc Oil (Mauritania) Company 2.4%
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