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Update from CEO

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    Just had a chat to Keith Coughlan, CEO of EMH, and it just so happens that he is at Indaba.

    He’s a very nice guy but VERY tight-lipped.

    He wouldn’t be drawn on what he’s doing there but, putting 2 and 2 together, you’d think the investor presentation the company released today was created for a reason.

    It’s his belief that it will take the market a little while to appreciate and digest the significance of today’s report. (I hope his presence at Indaba may help speed up this process.) He also said that when they initially bought the asset, it was deemed to be a potential tin mine with lithium and other commodity credits. Recent work is revealing the significance of the lithium to be much greater than initially anticipated, making the asset a potential tin/lithium mine or even lithium/tin mine with other commodity credits; and the initial purchase to be even better than what they initially thought.

    In short, watch this space.
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