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upcoming quarterly

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    what can we expect in this upcoming quarterly besides the usual hogwash.

    But to note from last years

    A. 'Summary Highlights'

    completion of matrix settlement and COMPLETION of drilling at flamingo, gilded rose, mt freda and Jessievale.


    what have we done this quarter besides hire a few overdue new staff and management team. no obvious difference besides a better public speaker.

    But no drilling even started let alone a drilling plan at least.

    B. Corporate Finance July 2010
    'the company's gold property holdings are being reviewed for potential joint venture/sale

    what a joke

    now we are being feed 'a spinoff company' Cloncurry Goldfields'. More dilution of some kind coming.

    Detailed Exploration Activities.

    Flaimingo had 55 drill holes had been done
    Gilded Rose had 16RC drill holes had been done totalling 2401m
    Mt Freda had 16RC holes done totalling 1974m
    Jessievale had a total of 11.55 line km of LANDTEM data collected.
    Morris Creek had 5 lines of LAMTEM surveys done.

    And White Range had commenced a 'review' (whatever that means, maybe a long lunch to discuss it) of main mineral resources.


    Payment of $87,000 to Butmall Pty Ltd in which Howard Renshaw is a director for business support, services and management fee's. Along with his existing salary package.

    Now that at leats had some drilling activity in their depsite all the payments for 'services' to Butmall.


    Gravy train is right Zachary.

    I can just see it now

    Funding from our good friends at Tulla, and a BIG thankyou for paying our wages for another 3 months until we cap raise again for more.
    JV deals close almost maybe near completion
    Extensive drilling campaign than can run into the wet
    new office fit out including jacuzzi for 'client' entertaining and negotiations?

    Hop, hope this helps.
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