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    MRE is looking to break $2 per share over the next couple of days/weeks.

    Good on the shareholders.

    How long until the true share value is reached?????

    Call option holders are burning very bad.

    Can the market please get a move on????

    Retards have had their day(not that their is anything wrong with that).

    Please bring market value to something more respectable.

    I still can't understand why a aboriginal land rights dispute for $20 million caused a drop in price of $100 million in a day.

    I still can't understand why a nickel processing problem caused a $200 million loss on top of share price value.

    Do people really realise that the nickel MRE did not process at $5.69us/lb will now be sold at much higher prices?????????

    LOL, yes its bad for the share price :)

    Wake up people.

    Who cares hotcopper doesn't & never has moved MRE share prices.

    Let the "smart people" tell you what is happenning :)

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