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up next week?...

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    Given today's persistent seller...who I assume is the guy who converted the 200K SLTOA options...I take it as a good sign that 77c has held yet again. guess is that if it can hold 77c again tomorrow, next week should be a good one!

    In case you hadn't noticed...if SLT trades less than about 390K shares will be the lowest traded week (by volume) since they re-listed.

    When you consider that the shareprice has been in a down-trend this week...the fact that it has done so on such low volumes, in my opinion, bodes well for a strong bounce when the buyers finally return.

    Until this week, the previously lowest traded week (by volume) was the one ending August 1st...and significantly, it was immediately followed by the highest weekly gain since SLT re-listed!

    Let's hope history repeats!

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