EXG 0.00% 3.5¢ excelsior gold limited

up 60% and still no ann yet! where to next?

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    So everyone things are looking very positive IMO.

    We are up ~60% from the last supported base price of 4c.

    Buy side is getting nice and strong, along with increased volume each day, and not to mention absolutely no resistance.

    100% focused on gold with the drill program kicking off a week ago. Getting out of our uranium projects and putting all $$ and resources into our gold project was the best move possible. Obviously management beleive that Zoro is going to drill up something good.

    anyway. looks like the 6-7 prediction was good for pre drilling announcement....i now beleive if we can drum up excellent results. we will be seeing EXG in the 12-15c, as long as no one puts up a big wall of resistance :)
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