Unknown commissions paid on bank accounts, page-3

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    If you ever have an advisor setting you up in a fund.
    I love that expression "setting you up"
    You will find they receive an on going trailing commission.
    This will continue even after you stop using the SERVICES of your advisor.
    We were SERVICED by an advisor who planted us in a bunch of funds that
    became non redeemable for 10 years, while he continued receiving what amounted
    to secret ongoing commissions, the funds all dropped in value. most stopped paying
    returns YET the advisor continued to receive commissions, some 2% of the investment per year.
    Its a scam run by interactive scumbags of the financial industry. Ask the funds direct
    questions, they have to answer, and don't use advisors for investing in retail funds.
    They were all colonial first state retail funds, you don't need freaking advisors for these.
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