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    University of Australian Real Estate
    Bachelor of Real Estate and Property Expectation Management – 2013

    Programme Structure:


    First Semester: -

    In the First Semester of Year 1 all students will be required to complete the core subjects for the Programme plus 2 Field Practical exercises intended to ensure that students have the appropriate values and ethos to make a contribution in the Real Estate and Property Development Sector. Completion of all units is compulsory with a Field Practical Grade Average of not less than 65% across the two examinations.

    Discovering Tragedy in Property: Where to Find a Tragic and How to Work Them (BUSS 1096)
    Foundations of Real Estate and Property Fraud (COML 1002)
    Accounting for Property Losses and Negative Gearing (ACCT 1001)
    Foundation Bullshitting and Bullshitting Systems in Real Estate (PUBL 1087)
    • Field Practical (A) Year 1: Stool Presentation for First Home Buyers (TUDD1001)
    • Field Practical (B) Year 1: Feigning Interest in the Recently Renting (RENT1001)

    Second Semester: -

    In the Second Semester of Year 1 students are introduced to more complex themes and approaches, with critical approaches to contemporary theory development encouraged and explored. Students are brought into a greater awareness of the role of Real Estate and Property Development in contemporary society. The Semester 2 Field Practical exercises are designed to embed practical competencies and need to be completed with a Field Practical Grade Average of not less than 65% across the two examinations.

    Principles of Business and Social & Moral Denial (BUSS 1075)
    Principles of Economic Myopia and Shortage Fabrication (ECON 1019)
    Quantitative Methods for Public Bamboozlement (MATH 1057)
    Management Accountability Deniability and Speciousness (BUSS 1052)
    Psychopathy, Sociopathy and Real Estate Outcomes for Practitioners (PSYC 1192)
    • Field Practical (C) Year 1: Pressure Applications For Mum and Dad Investors (KIDS1001)
    • Field Practical (B) Year 1: Reality Discrepancy and Realtor Yield Estimation For Housing Investors (BULL1001)


    First Semester

    In the First Semester of Year 2 students develop a nuanced understanding of themes, circumstances, client types and issues to broaden their ability to identify value propositions for the Real Estate Industry. Students are required to complete at least two of the four available client understanding modules. Also in this term students are introduced to complex financial analyses and guided through values enhancing concepts and paradigms. In Year Two a single Field Practical exercise will see students (in teams) modelling a real world development opportunity for a range of clients and buyer types. Students require a Field Practical Grade Average of not less than 65%.

    Fundamentals of Property Fraud (COML 2028)
    Applied Bullshitting: Creaming Buyers and Sellers (MARK 2004)
    Client Understanding 1: The Depths of Baby Boomer Greed (BOOM2010)
    Client Understanding 2: Believers in Advertising – Young and Old (SUCK2901)
    Client Understanding 3: The Desperation of New Migrants (EASY2744)
    Client Understanding 4: Families, Needs and Realtor Information Management Leverage (FAMI2006)
    Land Use, Planning and Sustainability: Letting the Buyer Beware (AGEN 2011)
    Property Valuation Enhancement & Taxation Minimisation (BUSS 2097)
    Real Estate Finance for Buyers 1: Bridging the Reality Discrepancy in Loan Application Forms (REAL2765)
    Capital Appreciation at the Margins: ‘It’s Either You or Them’ (CUNT2314)

    Field Development Practical (Group) Year 2: Choose from new development locations in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, TAS, NT, ACT and WA. Students will plan, organise and sell and finance for clients from the lower socio-economic profile (on rolling temporary employment contracts as labourers or shop assistants, with $14000 deposit, 2.3 children, and requiring a range of community services).

    Second Semester

    Elective: Weekday Morning TV & Property Promotion (INAN3478)
    Elective : Soft Sell Radio Jingles for Property (SMOO4881)
    Elective: Outstanding, Attractive, Value & Stunning – Language and Real Estate (BULL3568)
    Elective: Realtors – Ignoring and Returning Calls at the Most Inopportune Time (CALL3715)
    Advanced Client Understanding 1: The Genuinely Wealthy – Affected Disdain Projection (DISD3777)
    Property Management and Ignoring Tenants (AGEN 1077)
    Building Evaluation for Property: Maximising Clag & Balsa (BUIL 2084)
    Real Estate Finance for Buyers 2: Quantum LVR Offsets on Long-Term Capital Appreciation Projections (REAL2766)


    In the First Semester of Year 3 students will apply their comprehension of the industry and its issues to more complex and strategic themes, incorporating range of media to enhance long term industry viability and social cohesiveness.

    First Semester

    Public Policy, Politics and Real Estate (PPPR3000)
    Statutory Valuations & Payoff Tactics (MGMT3002)
    Lobbying the Political Process (LUNC3001)
    Misinformation and the Media (MISM3002)
    Real Estate Discontent Suppression: Bots, Cookies and Defamation Threats (RSEC3096)
    Property Development: Leveraging the Margin Between Buyer Perception and Delivery (FRAU3091)
    Property Investment: Boasting, Ostentation & Public Smugness (WANK3016)
    Free elective: Flirting with Buyers for Organisational Effectiveness (WANK3017)

    Second Semester

    Property Malpractice (BUSS 3011)
    Property Research and Plausible Deniability (MEDI 3062)
    Property, People, Place and Pooh in the Letterbox (POOH 3092)
    Elective: Australian Property Shortage – Selected Statistics & Global Comparisons (SPEC7601)
    Elective: Australian Real Estate and Property in a Global Context – Spain, Ireland & New Zealand (FORR8955)
    The RBA – Monetary Policy for Real Estate Effectiveness (MONP3072)
    Land Banking, Risk Reward and Public Awareness (BULL3470)
    Land Supply and Demand in the Most Sparsely Populated Continent on Earth (BULL3471)
    Local Government and Development
    State Governments: When You Have Them by The Fiscal Nads (NADS3222)
    ‘You Should do What We Did’ – Historical Debt Access and Real Estate Prices 1980-2010 (HIST3111)
    ‘It’s What the Market Will Bear’ – Blame Apportionment & Morality (SOCI3112)
    ‘Your Aren’t Entitled to it’ – Intergenerational Perceptions of Rights to Risk Reward (RIPP3225)
    Immigration and Support for Real estate Demand (IMMI3679)

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