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    The misleading cavalcade of “Judgement Alerts” which started the inevitable
    correction action from me can be safely scrapped with this:


    1 This is an application pursuant to section 33V of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 (Cth)
    seeking the approval of the Court to a settlement of this representative proceeding.
    This litigation has been before the Federal Court for over five years now and is quite old.
    It involves large numbers of class members and it is, to say the very least, complex.
    The class members include many people who are quite elderly, and indeed many have
    already died before a termination has been achieved of this litigation.

    2 Many will be disappointed by the size of the settlement which I propose to approve
    in a few moments, but approve it I propose to do. Because of the significance of the reasons
    for my taking this action being transparent, I will publish full reasons explaining why
    I have approved the matter but not until early February next year.
    I am conscious that people will be interested to know what those reasons are.
    I am presently prevented from producing those reasons before that time by the volume of
    the Court’s current work.

    I certify that the preceding two (2) numbered paragraphs are a true copy of the
    Reasons for Judgment herein of the Honourable Justice Perram.
    Associate: Dated: 11 December 2014
    We are due for J Perram’s further reasons, 4 of them, to be savoured early in February.
    I trust this will put the eager among us on the righteous path of Fact Authenticity
    before hitting the “Submit” button as per moderator advice.
    And this will go a long way to achieve our common goals.

    As well as other court sites are well recorded by alert readers.

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