united nations plan for post-war iraq

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    I don't often cut and paste but this is not propaganda and is worth the read;

    Secret UN plan for Iraq
    From The Times
    March 06, 2003

    THE United Nations has drawn up a confidential plan to set up a post-Hussein government in Iraq, providing the clearest suggestion so far that its leaders consider war all but inevitable.

    The plan has been drafted in secrecy over the past month, as UN Security Council approval for a war resolution hangs in the balance.

    US Secretary of State Colin Powell told European television audiences yesterday he believed that if a second UN resolution were necessary for war, it would have Security Council backing.

    White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, however, left the door open for war without UN support, saying a second vote in the Security Council was "desirable . . . (but) not necessary".

    Australia could formally decide by late next week to go to war with Iraq, John Howard revealed yesterday, saying the UN process was almost at an end.

    The UN's consideration of a plan for Iraq's future governance breaks a taboo – and arguably its charter – because it continues to deal daily with Saddam Hussein's regime as a legitimate member.

    The 60-page plan was ordered by Louise Frechette, Canadian deputy to Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and was drawn up at the UN's New York headquarters by a six-member panel. It envisages the UN stepping in about three months after a successful conquest of Iraq and steering the country towards self-government.

    The plan resists British pressure to set up a full-scale UN administration. It also says the UN should avoid taking direct control of Iraqi oil, or becoming involved in vetting Iraqi officials for links to Hussein or staging elections under US military occupation.

    It proposes instead the cre ation of a UN Assistance Mission in Iraq, to be known as UNAMI, to help establish a new government. UN sources expected the plan to be implemented even if the US went to war without a UN resolution.

    Sources said Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN troubleshooter who organised the creation of the Afghan Government, would be approached soon about becoming the UN special representative in post-war Iraq.

    A clause in the UN charter bars it from interfering in a member state's internal affairs. When Mr Annan last month wanted to discuss with the Security Council contingency plans for wartime humanitarian operations, Russia insisted he do so informally in his own office rather than in the council chamber.

    Yet Ms Frechette had a 90-minute meeting on Monday with Lieutenant-General Jay Garner, the retired US Army general in line to be the US governor of post-war Iraq.

    Lieutenant-General Garner heads a Pentagon office assembling a "government-in-waiting" of Iraqi exiles and American advisers to head Iraq's major ministries and public works agencies.

    The Australian

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