Warning, rant coming.If humans were grown up enough to stop...

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    Warning, rant coming.

    If humans were grown up enough to stop blaming bogeyman for the quandary they are in due to their inability to follow basic prinicples of respect and dignity, they would recognize the absurdity of their fabrications.

    Too many people demanding too many supersized meals and personal arsenals, too much entitlement to too few resources...it is inevitable that whenever their compromised immune systems take a beating from the latest bug to go around they blame some fictitious NWO for their own inability to "enjoy in moderation".

    And now all the victims of the MAGA export culture of "we demand the right to be fat greedy loud arrogant pricks" are buying into their self serving narrative, like it actually means anything to anyone other than themselves.

    I personally am really tired of gluttons complaining about not having enough of anything, and that includes "freedoms".

    Funny how Japan, with its culture of respect, obedience and discipline, has managed to break all the rules of the pandemic but come out unscathed, whereas the narcissistism and arrogance of Team America, with all its denial and deflection tactics, has effectively won the pandemic world cup.

    People need to take more responsibility for their own lives and stop blaming everyone and everything else for their own dissatisfaction. Personal fulfillment cannot be found in consumerism and liberty. It's a state of mutual respect and acceptance.

    "i demand and expect more" is the real disease.

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