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    When the worlds largest companies are compared to UNIS, they are trying to achieve what UNIS has, by its very nature.
    Analyse GE (General Electric). It being one of the great companies, relies on diversification to tap markets, grow and try and create a steady annual future proof income.
    As years continue, they will buy companies and sell divisions that are flagging, because they are subject to the whims of comsumers and competition, of another company doing something better, and therefore losing market share in that area.
    As means of obtaining a constant stream of income, and tap the small consumer, and therefore gain income from the millions of people that borrow to buy products.
    GE earns a large part of their profits from Money Lending.
    This gives them a regular predictable source of money, but it has inherent risk of 'bad debt' and the potential risk of major default in the event of a world depression.
    UNIS does not have these risks.
    Our risks are already preceded us, and they being unable to invent products that our customers (Pharma's) want, and more importantly need.
    There is a huge difference between wanting something and needing something to keep their company profitable and to enable them to get their products to market.
    The very uniqueness that UNIS has are multiple
    1 Multiple unique products that are needed by our customers.
    2 Products that are not dictated by the end consumer.
    3 Products that, once approved by regulators (FDA) are protected by the time span required for a competator to get their product to market.
    4 Long term contracts, up to 20 years, with extensions
    5 Many multiples of applications for UNIS products, that ensure many multiple long term contracts, many with upfront fees, royalty fees, negotiation fees, minimum volumes. Products that require no sales staff, as the customers come to UNIS.
    6 A small staff (miniscule by comparison)
    7 Low cost of production lines, and long life of those production lines, that are modular in design and can be easily improved and updated
    8 A very small share float (122 million at present), which means that profits are split less, resulting in bigger share dividend each share.
    9 An absolute secure market (people needing healthcare), that may vary, but cannot go below minimum volumes in some contracts.
    10 UNIS income is of an ANNUITY TYPE, which means that it is predictable, secure (probably the most secure in the world) and very long lasting.
    11 Shareprice is at a rising inflection point, that potentially has no end
    So how high can UNIS shareprice go.
    Well take a look at Warren Buffetts -BERSHIRE HATHERWAY, they trade at present at $224,880 dollars per share. A company which trades on the wisdom of one man, who could permanently retire at any time, and what do they make?
    And so I ask you as contracts continued to be signed and production continues to ramp up, I PUT IT TO YOU THAT THERE IS NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD, THAT OFFERS THE CONSTANT FLOW OF EVER INCREASING INCOME.
    I ASK YOU?
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