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    This is our UNIS Gold Claim
    We start at top left Safety Syringe marked UNIFILL- now how big might this vein be?
    1   - I do not know but how many drugs are out there that need to be stored in glass, delivered in safety ,easily disposed off, able to be licensed and patented as UNIFILL/ Drug Combination (FDA Approved), Able to extend into 10-20 year contracts with minimum volumes, Pharma's willing to pay Upfront and Development Fees, Pharmas willing to pay right to negotiate fees ($5 Mil in one case, Pharma's seeking Patent extension for their existing Blockbuster drugs. Pharma's willing to pay royalties on size of each contract.
    Now multiple that by the number of Drug disease  categories. How many millions will that return each year in actual sales profit.
    So we are talking millions then billions, dollars per year. ONE SYRINGE type.

    2 - Now look at the illustration of the next to the right and that one is for the UNIFILL Select- Now do the same calculations again, probably for lesser volumes, but higher profit per syringe.
    We are talking millions then billions, dollars per year. ONE SYRINGE type.
    3 -The 3rd Syringe is marked UNIFILL FINESE, we already have secured and announced contracts for these, but only for minimum 175 million per year minimum volumes, with all the associated Upfront, normal profit per syringe, with royalties attached fees
    4 -The 4 th illustration is marked UNIFILL SELECT, but is really the syringe that attaches to a catheter, and this is under contract, with associated, development, upfront, probably royalties, minimum volumes and this invention is sort after because it ,prevents contamination whilst injecting, prevents bursting of the glass vial, prevents leakage of drug and fits all standard approved catheters.
    5 - The ALLURE and NEXUS are for use in the Auto injectors and so same payments as above for the UNIFILL but will be supplied with fully assembled in the Rita Auto injector and for use in the LISA reusable Auto injector- Same payment and development fees and royalties conditions as for the UNIFILL

    Now we get to the higher profit margin devises.
    This range has been developed as non existed previously that do exactly the same tasks, developed for the new BIO Drugs, the new era drugs that require to be either dried or concentrated liquid for storage and then mixed in one action involving the syringe, drug and dilutant only and injected to form a normal UNIS safety syringe.
    Usual upfront payments, royalties and much higher profit margin
    6 The RITA and the LISA will be part of the contracts  and supplied at a cost with the appropriate Device/drug at a higher profit margin and will be in the high volume range per year.
    7 Te next illustrations are for the Wearable injectors.- These will come with all the associated fees of the UNIFILL but will enable human injection at home or where ever the patient needs to be, whilst the patient goes about normal activities not previously possible for the drugs that they contain.
    They are high profit products and will deliver about $15 each at high volume
    8 Next are the Ocu-mix, Depot-ject, Ocu-ject, and Micro-ject- These products are again unique and have the capacity for all existing drugs to have to be re certified by the FDA. This is because these products deliver the required amount of drug to the exact area of the eye, in exactly the required amount. Features that other devises cannot achieve, and therefore the FDA may require re certification. These come with all the payment features of the UNIFILL range.
    So not all drugs will end up in our devises but many, many will, associated with north of 40% profits and 10-20 year contracts with extensions.
    As, I say dig deeper and find the rich veins of GOLD profit.
    Having outlined the benefits and potential flow of profits, the real shareprice driver is the Annuity Type Flow of profits.
    That will allow the shareprice to explode, because being able to repay loans over time using only the repayment monies gained from the steady stream of ever increasing income, enables the company to pay dividends, big dividends, without the need for excess savings
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