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    I know that there are some very astute posters on this site, however I would like tp explain to the Mums and Dad investors, in more simple terms, why UNIS shareprice is about to explode skyward.
    I feel that we are counting down,
    Imagine that we are a computer company like Apple was 30 years ago.
    They invented the Mac computer.
    Some people liked the Mac, and bought it, but soon more people wanted them and so they had to get companies (shops) to sell them
    This is UNIS today, but our shops are Pharmas.
    The demand was great and more and more Pharmas (our Shops) wanted to sell them, and people around the world heard how good they were and wanted them, they wanted them so badly they were ill trying to get them, but they had different types of illnesses, and of course people can't buy direct from Apple they have to be bought from a Wholesale Distributor (UNIS equivalent to those Wholesale Distributors are the Pharmas).
    Apple computers realised that people had problems and so they created different computers and other products (Hardware) to meet all the needs of different people doing different things with their Apple products. (Hardware is the computer in the box that you take home from the retailer, UNIS Chemist)
    They were so good, and so Apple invented other products to meet all the needs
    iPhone,Mac Computer, iPad, iPod, iPad Air2, Mini i Pad
    UNIS has had to invent many products to meet the customers needs and they are, very special because they had to be made to meet exacting safety standands, just like Apple had to make products that were safe.
    IN SYRINGES, those products are
    1 The plastic safety syringe, designed to eliminate needle stick injuries that spread disease, which is sold empty and doctor fills it from a vial
    2 The UNIFILL a safety syringe, with inbuilt design to meet the worlds standards.
    Sort after by many many Pharmas and contracts have been signed, big contracts and these syringes are so advanced in their design, use and drug storage capabilities, that Pharmas want to be able to buy them, now and well into the future and enter into long term contracts for 10, 15 , 20 years and beyond contracts. These products are so needed that many Pharmas pay UNIS money to help develop them (could be around $50 million or more in some cases), pay UNIS money for the right to negotiate to buy them (5 million in some cases), pay money for the right to buy them exclusively for the use with their drug (many millions), agree to buy multi millions of them each year to protect those exclusivity rights, and so the Unifill range comes in many variations (just like cars, different models) and the same negotiations and monies are paid for each negotiated drug and contract.
    3 UniFill Select, UniFill Allure, UniFill Nexus, - same as above
    Just as some computers have to be more capable of handling more complicated software (Drugs), UNIS has invented syringes to enable the latest of drugs (software) to be able to be use. These are so new and complicated, that no other syringe (computer) was able to use them and so scientists from Pharmas asked if we could make new syringes that would enable those advanced drugs to used, for the worlds most sick people.
    These products are, in Syringe form, the Auto Mix Presto, EZMix Genesis, EZMix Engage, EZMix Prodigy and all of the financial, and contract arrangements are repeated as per the UniFill Syringe.
    4 Now as with Apple and their computers, some need a case to carry it and UNIS sells a manual Syringe Auto Injector to Pharms, and an Automatic Type injector to Pharmas, whose products need the best, for correct use, as in injecting correctly, recording details of that injection, date, time, volume, etc and then sends that information back to the doctor and Pharma.
    Other sick people need the most advance drugs in the world and they are often thick like honey or require a large injection and up to now these sick people would have to go to their doctor or hospital to have thsoe injections, which often takes time for the drug to absorb into the body, and so instead waiting around to see the doctor and lying around waiting for the drug to be absorbed at the correct rate, UNIS invented a Wearable Injector- this enables the patient to place it on their body, just like a (Band Aid), you peel off the adhesive strip protector, place the Wearable Injector against you skin and then press the "Go", button. The patient then continues to work, walk of any other type activity, whilst the injector does its work and then "clicks", when finished. It reports to Doctor, Pharma, patient then removes and disposes it. Its the only one in the world that uses a catheter automatically inserted, to enable the patient to move, without pain whilst injecting. No others have this feature.
    Sanofi they worlds 4 th largest Pharma has contracted for the right to use these products for 20 years and into the future. Other will be able to buy the right to use them, but Sanofi has paid many Millions of dollars to ensure they are to be able to buy this product.
    6 The next range of unique UNIS products have been requested invented by Pharmas that specialise in placing drugs into the eye.
    This was necessary because no specialised equipment existed,for the eye, they just used ordinary syringes designed for much larger parts of the body. UNIS was asked to create a totally new range of syringes for the eye, that will enable exact doses of medicines to be injected into the eye, exactly where needed, and for other drugs that previously have had to cutinto the to implant what is called a Depot, a slow release solid drug that has to be placed exactly against the Retina, and this can now be done with UNIS Depot Ject syringe. No more cutting, wound healing and risk of infection. The smallest of needle hole, which seals and heals very quickly, all done with previously unobtainable accuracy.
    Contracts have already been entered into for this UNIS devise
    The UNIS range of safety syringes invented primarily for the eyet include the Depot-Ject, the Ocu-Mix, Ocu-Ject, and the Micro-Ject.
    All of these devises will be sold on the same basis of Upfront money, Right of supply of product, long term commitments with minimum volumes and other fees that are listed under the UniFill Range.
    I almost forgot.
    Many of these contracts include ROYALTY PAYMENTS
    The money for all the above activities is just startng to trickle in, but it is sort of doubling each Quarter announcement due Tuesday morning at 8-30 AM.
    What all this money flowing into UNIS over the years, just getting bigger and bigger each quarter is detailed in my previous articles Posted on HotCopper on the 6 th Febuary 2015, under heading UNIS GOLD CLAIM.
    Other articles worth reading are "What Will UNIS have that APPLE doesn't" posted on 4 th Febuary 2015.
    Those postings of mine contain some typos, but attempt to explain what this inflow of money (ANNUALISED INCOME) into UNIS will mean, in terms of share price, but I think that it is unprecidented, what UNIS is, the type of product that is not a consumer product and therefore not subject to consumer whims and not subject to another competitive product being released tomorrow, because even if one could be invented it takes years and years to get them World licensed and FDA approved.
    We grew up learning 'fairy tales of "the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg", but this is no fairy tale.
    UNIS is real and its matured and starting to lay 'GOLDEN EGGS)
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