union fraud rampant + police silence

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    I am wondering how this can happen. Is the corruption so wide spread, that the unions and people involved, have no fear of retribution. They have it so tied up, behind a wall of silence, they have nothing to fear.

    Even the WA government, have been made aware that funds provided by that government, that was paid to Thiess Bros (a publicly listed company) for workplace training and safety, went into a fraudulent fund, and no workplace training was conducted.
    The funds in question, about $380,000 (I can be corrected if this figure is wrong)
    was taxpayers money, but ended up in an account, that was set up under fraudulent conditions.

    The file, that holds the details of the fraudulent manner in which it was set up, and held on public account and record by the WA government, has since been reported as missing.

    Many people over the years, or since around 1992, in the Bruce Wilson/AWU case, have reported the crimes to the various authorities, but in each case the file has been closed either by the police in several states, or by the government authorites in each state.

    Most of this information and allegations have been reported and discussed on the politics forum.

    However I believe this topic is way beyond politics, and goes much deeper into how frauds of this magnitude, and number, across all states can be viewed as normal, everyday business.

    The three cases that I am aware of, and that are out there in the public domain are,

    the Bruce Wilson/AWU fraud
    the Craig Thomson/ HSU case
    the Tony Sheldon/TWU/NSW ALP case
    Sheldon is currently the National vice president of the ALP

    the lame stream media have only recently started reporting on the bruce wilson affair, and selectively on craig thomson, and probably the TWU

    but these other sources have been investigating and reporting seriously on those matters....



    its now looking to me, as being similar to the rebel bikies, a gang that sees itself exempt from the law, and involved in fraud across all states....

    Why should we abide by the law, when it seems some parts of our population are apparently exempt from the same laws.
    Where have all the good journalists gone, no one bothers to report or investigate serious issues any more.
    Are you happy with this situation.?
    Will we ever get justice ?
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