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unilife syringe deal

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    this could be some comparson for obj ,on a deal with 3M but the market for patchs will be bigger then this deal just intresting i think to compare.

    Pharmaceutical Products
    Unilife has built a significant relationship with sanofi-aventis for the development and industrialization of the Unifill ready-to-fill syringe. Sanofi-aventis is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical market, and the largest global consumers of prefilled syringes.

    Under an exclusive agreement entered into by both parties on July 1, 2008, sanofi-aventis paid to Unilife A$16.4 million (10 million) for the exclusive right to negotiate for the purchase of the Unifill syringe and to bear the costs of its industrialisation subject to the signing of the Industrialisation Agreement and the completion of agreed quarterly milestones. Unilife subsequently entered into an Industrialisation Agreement with sanofi-aventis for the commercialization of Unifill syringe in July 2009. These Agreements set forth the terms of the on-going relationship of the parties, including sanofi-aventis commitment to complete the funding of the A$30.4 million (17 million) Unifill syringe industrialisation program that Unilife commenced in July 2008 subject to the ongoing completion of project milestones. Furthermore, the Agreements outline the agreed pricing structure under which sanofi-aventis will purchase the Unifill syringe, subject to the signing of a Supply Agreement, and provide to Unilife the right to supply the Unifill syringe to other pharmaceutical companies in certain therapeutic drug classes to negotiated between the parties.

    Unifill Syringe

    The Unifill syringe is a ready-to-fill (prefillable) syringe with fully integrated safety features. It is designed to be compatible with the injectable drug filling and packaging systems of pharmaceutical customers to minimize production and supply chain costs associated with their compliance with needlestick prevention laws introduced within the US and other international regions. Like other proprietary Unilife syringes, the Unifill syringe features a passive (automatic) needle retraction mechanism which allows operators to control the speed of needle withdrawal directly from the body to protect those at risk of needlestick injury. Initial pilot production of the product commenced in 2008 at Unilifes US facilities. Initial supply of the Unifll syringe to pharmaceutical customers is scheduled to commence in late-2010 upon the completion of the industrialization program. .

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