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    Hi @martyw & @mx93xm,

    This page of Mphasis' website below appears to be an old page...

    Please have a read of this again.


    * As per page, let's now assume Mphasis have hit their goal of 25,000 ATMs under management as that was their goal by 2015-2016.

    * 11,000 of these ATMs are now managed and operated by TSI India. TSI India are now dealing with 30 plus banks under this deal.

    * That leaves 14,000 ATMs under Mphasis management.

    * The webpage also highlights that Mphasis has room to support up to 50,000 ATMs.

    * Should TSI India prove they can improve metrics right across the ATM board, yes, I believe it may open them up for additional ATM business with Mphasis.

    * As I have been re-iterating, the market hasn't quite got it's head around the magnitude of this deal but I feel they are going to real soon.

    - TSI India most likely have close to 100 million transactions going through their own ATMs (2000 ATMs) with three banks and their Bill Payment clients (400 Bill Payment Machines).

    - TSI have dramatically jumped from 2000 ATMs to 13,000 ATMs in ONE hit with ONE partner across ONE business line. Hello!!

    - These are not machines that we have to wait to be deployed, they're already on the market operating and transactions in the hundereds of millions are going through the business on a yearly basis. My guesstimate would be 200-300 short of a BILLION transactions per year.

    - I repeat this is one managed business line.

    * Then there's 'sharing revenue' across other business lines. I can name about 10 potential business lines that TSI India have that are ready for business.

    This is not rocket science for me, the proof is actually in the numbers TSI India are already bringing in with just their own ATMs & Bill Payment Machines. Mphasis is an IT giant that's looking to expand business right across the board. If the market finds this challenging to comprehend imo it's going to be at their loss. New monster deal has only come online and if numbers are anywhere near TSI's existing machine fleet (ATMs & Bill Payment Machines) all we have to do is multiply transactions by 5.5 and that's being conservative, which I'm done with lol! Make no mistake, this is a monster deal and FOR ME a no brainer investment.

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