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    EXOTIC luxury cars worth millions of dollars have been discovered in a company linked to collapsed stockbroker, Opes Prime.
    Hawkswood Pty Ltd, a company owned by the three principal directors of Opes Prime - Lirim "Laurie" Emini, Julian Smith and Anthony Blumberg - has a cache of European prestige cars including Ferraris, Lotuses and Maseratis.'

    At least six Maseratis have been found in Singapore by Chee Chong Tam of Deloitte who was last week appointed liquidator of several Opes subsidiaries based in that country.

    Opes receiver Chris Campbell yesterday confirmed the high-class luxury car find to the Herald-Sun, saying that he had called in car valuation consultants from, Graysonline, to determine the market value of the assets.

    The Singapore Maseratis alone are believed to be worth $2 million.

    "Hawkswood has got a wide variety of assets," he said.

    "My understanding is that these Maseratis(in Singapore) were cars that were to be converted and then shipped to be sold in Australia."

    Mr Campbell refused to comment on Hawkswood's luxury car portfolio in Australia, but the Herald Sun has been told by sources close to the company that Lotuses and Ferraris are in storage somewhere in Melbourne.

    Mr Campbell said that he had sold some assets this week, but refused to give further details on the types of assets that had been offloaded.

    "To discuss those things publicly might prejudice the sale process," he said.

    The car discovery has further thwarted underworld identity Mick Gatto's money collecting ambitions.

    Mr Gatto flew to Singapore yesterday to try to recover money for six investors he claims to be representing.

    But the man he wanted to meet - Jay Moghe - was 2500km away in another country. Moghe is Opes's senior Singapore representative and is also the director of a registered company that owes Opes Prime more than $100 million.

    Mr Moghe reportedly expressed concern for his wife and children.

    But Mr Gatto said he was not in the business of harming women and children.

    "That's not our style and we wouldn't do to someone that we wouldn't want done to ourselves," Mr Gatto said.

    "I have never interfered with women and children in my life in anyway shape or form and I don't intend on starting."

    Mr Gatto's associate John Khoury said yesterday they hoped to meet Mr Moghe today.

    Mr Khoury also expressed interest in a $250,000 Maserati given to high-profile Sydney investor Chris Murphy by Opes management.

    We have "plenty of interest in him", Mr Khoury said.

    He said he and Mr Gatto had identified physical assets in Singapore and elsewhere, which could range from property to expensive motor cars.

    "There's a few assets in Singapore ... there's more prestige cars here than in Melbourne, (but) we are not chasing cars, we aren't collecting cars.

    "And we haven't come up to Singapore for the noodles."

    Apart from Hawkswood's strange involvement in luxury cars, Opes poured millions of dollars into sponsoring racing car teams in Australia and overseas.

    Opes had agreed to put a million dollars behind the V8 Supercar driver, Rick Kelly.

    Other sponsorships included the Formula 3 series in Australia and an IndyCar team in the US.

    "The demise of Opes was a shock for the motor racing fraternity because these guys had money to burn," one racing identity said.

    Hawkswood is one of five companies associated with Opes that was placed in the hands of administrators and receivers after the stricken stockbroker was declared insolvent on March 28.

    Opes collapsed owing more than $1 billion to 1200 clients.

    Administrator John Lindholm told creditors on Tuesday that they were likely receive only up to 30 in the dollar on investments they made through Opes.

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