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under the radar nicol

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    This one came to my attention,

    recent audio broadcast worth a listen.

    4000 t Nicol p/a ramp to 8000t pa following year, close to port.

    at 32,000/t thats 128 mill earnings ramping to 256 mill earnings, could say costs = half these figures, so profits to order of 64mill to 128 mill, in 15 months.

    How longs a 15 mill MC company going to stay at these prices for?

    SP at 30c, was testing towards $1.00 before january correction.

    Going right under the radar at present, do DYOR and 15 months is not a long time.

    If the market was all over this 2 months ago, the flock will return when a snippet of information gets released reminding everyone why this one was worth 90c recently.

    Cheers all.

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