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    re: unable to it is again... Hard to say what will happen...

    ...I am sure a few larger buyers, waiting on this news, would be keen to get on board, but obviously wouldn't try to push the price along too far until they get their fill.

    The recent spike gave us a hint about the degree of interest in SHG and it happened without an announcement!

    So...ultimately, what will happen after the announcement may initially depend on the day-traders...and the way the market is at the moment, that could mean anything!

    Just a guess...but perhaps a spike through through 50c if the results are good...but if the results are excellent, we could even see 70's.

    ...and if liquid hydrocarbons are present...hold your hats!

    But remeber this...although big, "Overston" is only part of the picture. There is plenty of other things going on at SHG...and we can expect many more announcements regarding drilling, etc. over the next few months!

    Good for the short term...good for the long term!

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