un and regime change

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    The UN has taken on a new and dangerous role in Libya. I think this is the first time that the UN has decided to change a government that did not threaten another country.
    The UN has taken to itself the right to change regimes.

    By all accounts Colonel Gaddafi is an unpleasant chap. However that doesn't make him unusual in African or Middle Easter politics. He rules with rough justice, nothing unusual there.

    The UN has decided to side with a disorganised rebellion. Are the rebels in the majority, who are they, what do they propose?

    If its Ok to try to topple the Libyan govenment, why not Somalia, Saudi or Argentina.

    This precedent for regime change doesn't have any rules, which country is next? I suppose the only rule is they have to be small, have resources worth arguing about and no allies on the security concil.

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